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"We called Brenda for some help with training our rescue puppy Chilli, an interesting Staffy cross . We found Brenda able to adapt her programme to suit Chilli's behaviours on the spot.  She gave us a lot of good, free advice on our other pup as well. We have put a lot of time into implementing Brenda's training systems. She gives a comprehensive programme to follow after each session, which she emails out. Our dogs  are much loved family pets. Very thankful to Brenda for her help. Would happily recommend her training systems."  Roy and Ewa Phillips (1-on-1 Sessions)

"Brenda is an excellent dog trainer and coach. She is full of great ideas and taught us a wide variety of fun games and practical tips we could apply to our two dogs. Best part about Brenda's coaching style is that it's very practical and hands on, and she provides extremely comprehensive notes which makes learning very easy for both the dogs and the humans! We'd highly recommend Brenda's services. It's great value and we learnt a lot. Thanks for all your help Brenda!"  Jennifer Tee (1-on-1 Sessions)

"Brenda, you have done such amazing work with 5 month old Bailey. 3 excellent lessons across 6 weeks. You have transformed him - now so much more manageable. He is, and I am, so glad we came to you . Thank you, Gina."  Gina Callan (1-on-1 Sessions) 

"Thanks to Brenda's training and advice, our 10 year old anxious barker is a lot more chilled and less reactive to other dogs and people when out and about. Highly recommend for dogs of all ages!"

Kate Walker (1-on-1 Sessions)

"Brenda’s classes are great! Really helped with my understanding of how to encourage the best behaviour from my puppy. Highly recommend grabbing that last spot! (I’m completely independent  Just a grateful puppy owner.)"

Meg Seabrook (Puppy Classes and 1-on-1 Sessions)

"Highly  recommend Brenda Coleman and KDC for wonderful help and guidance in helping me rescue my rescue dog and turn her into an amazing canine companion.  Brenda's patience and persistence with us both paid off!"

Jane Maurice (1-on-1 Sessions)


"We did Brenda's Recall class recently.  Lots of fun and amazing the changes we saw so quickly with our dog.  Highly recommend Brenda's services for your fur babies."

Rebecca Harris (Recall Classes)

"Brenda is an excellent coach - very patient and positive in all aspects of training. The ‘positive reinforcement ‘ teaching method makes so much sense and I could see great results as we progressed through the programme. Understanding the ‘why’ is so important and valuable which Brenda covered very thoroughly.
I would highly recommend Brenda and her training method."

Chris Hill (Puppy and Advanced Classes)

"For those with puppies/dogs, I recently engaged the services of Brenda, and couldn’t have been more impressed. The one on one sessions are very reasonably priced and completely worthwhile. I noticed a huge difference with puppy right away after the first session. Brenda was very clear and practical when teaching me how to teach puppy with simple games and small modifications. If you have a puppy or an older dog, I would highly recommend her 🐶 💕"  Shannon  McGee (1-on-1 Sessions)




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